Laptop Musicianship Week-2.

Send me your track

Hi all!

Above is the link to send me any tracks that you’ve been working on. I love hearing new material, and it will give you the chance to check out some of my production. You may also want to check out my myspace page using the link below.

In week 2 of laptop musicianship we learnt about natural and western scales on top of the theory surrounding harmonics and how that a harmonic of a note is the frequency of that note X. by an integer or rounded number. We also learnt about the midi spectrum which consists of 128 notes and that note number 60 (freq.261Hz) is classed as middle C. The adjustment of frequency (rounding up or down) to fit the western scale is called ‘Just Internation’ or otherwise referred to as ‘Equal Temperament’. A good example of this would be the piece by J.S. Bach-‘The well tempered clavier’.

Halfway through the lesson we were given a guest lecture from Dr Joyce Shintani on Digital music in media art. She talked about several art and media festivals happening around europe such as the ‘Sonar festival’, the ‘NIU: interactive Art Gallery’ and the ‘ARS Electronica’ which takes place in Linz. She also gave some examples of work by digital media artists such Thomas Koener, and his 2004 prize winning video ‘ Suburbs of the Void’. Follow the link below.

Screenshot of Koener's 'Suburbs of the Void' Video

Screenshot of Koener's 'Suburbs of the Void' Video

Articles of the same interest as these digital art festivals are listed below.

-Simoni.M. (2006) ‘Analytical Methods of Electroacoustic music.

-Cook.N. (1998) Analysing Musical Multimedia.


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