A Mini Midi Chord Progression.

Following on from the mini midi scale, I have used a similar piece of code going into logic, to produce a chord progression using triads in major and minor chords. This was done by changing the transposition of the triads starting degree as apposed to changing the three degrees of the triad itself to match the different chords. Below is a screen shot of the code I used and also the list of transpositions I used to create the chord progressions.

Mini Midi Chord Prog.

Mini Midi Chord Prog.

I’ve found a place to host all of my midi performances on Sound Cloud.com. Using a separate account to my sound cloud music account, I can Post the players on my blog! Haven’t managed this yet, Sound Cloud going through PMS (appolgies for derogatory comment) so can’t show you the results of my labours. S’gonna happen soon!!!!!!!

Here it is! Finally!!!!!!

MiniMidi Chord prog by Jeru100

Big up the Midi.!


~ by J.E.R.U. on October 20, 2009.

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