Group Therapy..

In week 9 laptop musicianship, we were listening to ensemble pieces created using ixiquarks in our class groups.Below are the notes I feel best describe my opinions on the pieces that were played, after which is a brief conclusion on how my group might improve our piece!

Group 1= Really interesting sounds, squelchy noises mixed with reverb scrapes, spacey vex, allowed each other to breathe, let each part & performer play allowing the piece to evolve/ progress. Included nice ‘dialogue’ between each performer.

Group 2= Good progressive ideas/structure, evolving soundscape, changes audiences expectations of where the piece is aiming towards. Nice tone drops, alternating, adding different tones/ sound FX improv. Each performer plays in turn, next performer plays, last one finishes. Additive process

Group 3= Similar process to group 2, evolving structure, slight improv, could have allowed each other space to breathe/perform their parts before another part enters and takes over/ thus allowing the sounds to evolve.

Group 4= Nice sound scape, had to much of a platform structure, relied to much on the loop as a platform for all of the other parts to stand on. Could do with more work on perhaps a progressive structure, allowing space for the performers parts to breathe, but also allow them to listen to each other and compliment each others sounds.

Group 5= Nice ‘elastic’ tempo change in loop, drone sound gave performers a key to work around. Improvised vocal sound FX enthral audiences expectations. Could use a more defined structure to piece/parts playing, allowing the piece to play towards a distinct end.

Conclusion for Group listening=There were some really good ensemble pieces, the most popular being groups 1& 2. I feel that my group (group 4)’s piece needs more work on a process structure, and also perhaps trying to let each performer to play, whilst listening to each other, before the next performer starts. This would let the sounds have more space for the audience to digest them, without making the piece so cluttered or busy, which creates distraction!


~ by J.E.R.U. on November 18, 2009.

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