One Man ixi Jam!

I’ve been playing around in ixi quarks and discovered a cool little function in the Audio Viewer. Much like logic’s Sample Editor, you can highlight a section in the audio, e.g. a drum loop and just play that section. This probably sounds fairly simple and I bet most people found this out straight away, never mind.
Anyway I’ve created a little jam session on my billie todd using a violin sample in the Sound-scratcher in ixi, as well as a drum loop using the process above (looping/playing certain sections) and the old favourite, the Grain Box.
Below is the track I created by recording into ixiquarks. The recorded audio file ends up in the ‘Sounds’ folder in ixi.
(Thanks to James Murfitt for pointing that out to me). It’s a bit long so you might want to breeze through it if your getting bored.


Ixi Jam by Jeru100


~ by J.E.R.U. on November 18, 2009.

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