Group Therapy-Part 2

We have again been listening to our group compositions, which have advanced considerably in light of last weeks comments. Below are the comments I have submitted which reflects my personal opinion on how each group has performed.

Group 5 (The Donuts). A good use of drum loop warping, creating different sounds rather than using the loop as a base for the ensemble to build on. The drone sound still prominent, giving the piece a harmonic glue to bind to. Some really good sound FX working around each other, making it a little less cluttered. There was a good section in it where the drum warping matched a sound effect which gave some nice rhythmic qualities.

Group 2 (The Chaps). As with last week, using the additive process with complimenting sounds. Good rhythmic structure, working with each other creating a more complex melody compared to last weeks piece. Good use of light ambient FX to compliment the main theme of the ensembles creation i.e. the melody.

Group 3 (The memory sticks). Again, as with last week and following on with group 2’s additive process, working around each other more fluently, allowing each sound to finish before adding more to the piece. Some very good dynamic crescendo’s provided by a sound triggered at a certain point which gave the main melody something to work with. The cues and timing of the crescendo’s were precise in that it complimented what was going on around them.

Group 1 (The Andrew Kinsey experiment [Where is Andrew Kinsey?]). More sounds added compared to last weeks performance, the sounds were allowed to finish before other sounds cluttered the piece. The middle section of the piece contained a more obvious structured compared to their previous piece. The sounds complimented each other well, creating a dark/ surreal sound-scape although possessing a rich and colourful timbre.

Group 4 /my group ( The Tres Pendejos [Pendejo apparently means asshole! Nice one Piotr]). We got rid of the drum loop that gave our piece to much of a platform structure and chose to create more of a sound-scape using some complimenting and some contrasting sound FX. The melody of the piece, I feel, got a little lost along the way, and the structure of the piece wasn’t overly clear to the audience. The piece contained some improv which may have upset the sound we were trying to achieve. More Practice!!!!!!!


~ by J.E.R.U. on November 25, 2009.

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  1. Hey, thanks for your comment good man. My e-mail address is . I already wrote something about our last session, so with the piece that you will send me I can publish it : ) See you on monday!

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