Group Therapy: In Surround!

The ensemble pieces we have been creating in Laptop musicianship are beginning to finalise in the form of Logic files created by recording our individual parts in the ensemble and then importing the sound files into Logic. The original idea was to get the groups to listen to their pieces in a multi-channel experience. The sounds created by each group had a rich timbral texture when played through the Genelecs although some groups may have got a bit carried away with surround panning! Group 2 (The Chaps) played an awesome piece at the start of this weeks class which might not have been mixed down properly but the effect through the four speakers was immense. After they toned it down a bit so to speak the piece was still very striking but lost some of its power and earthquaking sub-rumble! The ‘Andrew Kinsey Experiment’ also had a brilliant piece which, when played in surround, had much more prominence and presence in the room. They , however, did not go quite so overboard as I did with the panning of our groups performance, admittedly I did go a tad over the top!! Although many of the guys in class did say it was much higher standard piece than our very first performance a couple of weeks back. Below I’ve added a screen shot of the Logic file of our semi-final performance including the surround automation a well as a shot of the surround panner. Because we had recorded our performance in stereo, we could not only alter the angle of the sounds, but also density and spread, which meant we could play a sound in one speaker in the corner of the room but also spread

the sound out to the speakers either side as well. I have also added theperformance as well so you guys can have a listen. Because it is in surround, there might be sounds that are very quiet or none existant, so unless you happen to be listening to this in quadraphonic (four channel) sound, you might miss one or two tiny segments but not enough to ruin the piece.


Tres Pendejos- In Surround. by Jeru100


~ by J.E.R.U. on December 2, 2009.

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