Final IxI performance. Task 2.

Here is the final audio file for the ‘Tres Pendejos’ IxI performance.

Final IxI Performance by Jeru100

We took comments from our piers and Julio and tried not to go so overboard  with the surround panning this time. If you listen to this piece in stereo it may sound slightly strange but you get the idea of what we were trying to achieve with the surround panner in Logic. This final performance included one or two additional sound FX which compliment the original piece. Andrew came up with a strange helicopter type fluttering which increase in volume as the piece progresses to give the piece some direction. My part was to compliment the tone drops created by Piotr using a drum sample which had been warped using the Grain-Box (my favourite) in a sort of ‘call and return’ fashion. Below is a screen shot of the audio for my part in the ensemble.

Andrew was to add subtle FX throughout the piece but also it was his loud clangs that signalled the start and end of the piece. Piotr was the glue that kept things moving using his creepy ambient sounds and he also added the pitched sounds in the form of the afore mentioned tone drops. The piece is divided into two parts, the first involving my Grain box sound and the in the second I added some spoken sound FX that were warped using the Grain Circles in IxI’s Sound Scratcher with added delay.

(Left-Screenshot of vocal samples with added Grain Circles.Bottom right-Screen shot of Delay FX in IxI). Overall I feel that the piece was a success considering the troubles we had with non-existant group members. Other groups complimented the piece in its surround form with one group member saying it was ‘like being in some weird computer game’. We performed and practiced and the end result is quite satisfying.

………..VIVA LA TRES PENDEJOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..

………..VIVA LA TRES PENDEJOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..

………..VIVA LA TRES PENDEJOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..


~ by J.E.R.U. on December 10, 2009.

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