SP1. Guitar and Bass Processing.

Guitar and Bass Processing.

No.1 – High Pass Filtering.

Once the Guitar and Bass tracks were recorded, I could then set about adding compression and high pass filtering. Because I didn’t want to much bottom end on the guitar tracks, I set the frequency cutoff to around 100Hz to ensure that all sub/low end frequencies were filtered out. This differs from the bass guitar in that the high pass filter had a much lower frequency cutoff of around 60Hz. This made sure that the bass track had sufficient bottom end but also cut out the very low sub-bass frequencies so that they didn’t interfere with the mix. Below are screenshots taken of the high pass filter in the 7-band EQ plugin in Pro Tools for both the guitar tracks (top) and the bass track (bottom).

No.2 – Guitar Amp Modelling.

Because I had recorded the guitars clean, with no overdrive effects, I had to insert a guitar amp plugin on the guitar tracks to add distortion to the signal. This is done merely for aural aesthetics as it is a distorted guitar sound that I wanted to record initially but without an outboard amplifier that supported an overdrive distortion effect, this was the only means of colouring the sound to suite my requirements. Below, for general interest only (as it is not part of the assessment requirements), is a screenshot of the Sansamp amplifier modelling plugin.

No.3 – Compression.

Once I had applied HPF, I then inserted a compression plugin on the bass track and two compression plugins on each guitar track, one for monitoring the overall dynamics of the track and one for side-chained compression from the vocals (explained in the ‘Vocal Recording and Processing’ post). As with the drums, I have chosen to adhere as much as possible to a set of guidelines for the compression of my guitar and bass tracks. This was done to get the best possible quality and control of my recorded audio although slight changes have been made to the guitar compression settings to compensate for the gain boost added by the Sansamp plugin. Below is a list of compression settings used for the guitar and bass tracks as well as accompanying screenshots of the compression plugins themselves.

Guitar Compression Settings:

  • ATTACKFastest Possible.
  • RELEASEFastest Possible/Auto.
  • THRESHOLD-10/-14dB.
  • RATIO = 3:1 to 8:1.
  • KNEEHard/Soft.

Bass Guitar Compression Settings:

  • ATTACK4/10 milliseconds.
  • RELEASE10 milliseconds.
  • THRESHOLD-2/-10dB
  • RATIO = 8:1.
  • KNEEHard.

Now that Guitar and Bass Instruments have been recorded, the final track to be recorded that is necessary to meet the requirements of the assessment criteria is vocals.


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