2nd Project. Pre-production outline.

This is the pre-production outline for my second studio project. Below is a list of specifications that has been set out to demonstrate how the 2nd project is to be excecuted.

(a). Aim/Outcome of the first studio project:

The aim of this project is that it must consciously emulate a past or present producer’s particular style of production and show it through an original track/recording. The list of the proposed producers to emulate are as follows:

  • Phil Spectre.
  • George Martin.
  • Brian Eno.
  • Frank Zapper.
  • Trent Reznor.

Research and intended use of production techniques are to be posted in blog format with documentation and evidence demonstrating how these techniques were put into practice and also to include the acknowledgement of whose techniques were used.

(b). The track to be recorded:

I have decided to record a instrumented version of one of my own tracks entitled ‘The Halo’ (shown above), which was created using the Logic Pro software, as it meets the criteria for the second project as specified in the module guide, listed below:

  • It can be any genre. (In this case it falls under the instrumental/electronica).
  • Can either be an original piece or a cover. (In this case project involves a re-recording of the original afore-mentioned track).
  • Must be around 2-6 minutes long. (The piece lasts around 5’10”).
  • The recording must include the following instruments – Drums, Guitar/keyboard, Bass Guitar, Vox and an Orchestral Instrument. (The track in question contains all theses instruments, with the exception of a keyboard. The track contains a violin track which, for the purposes of experimentation, has been replaced by a flute)
  • All instruments must be recorded using microphones with a variety of micing techniques.
  • Instrument tracks can be cut and sampled rather than using a complete track (evidence of muted tracks must be shown).
  • Bass Guitar  can be Direct Injected (instead of mic’d).
  • Only the following selection of plugins can/must be used – High Pass Filter (HPF), Sample Delay (Time Adjustment), Compression, Side Chaining and Limiting (only on Master Channel).
  • There must be NO CLIPPING prior to master limiting!
  • Output must hit peak levels -0.2 db

(c). Instrumentation, performers & personnel:

Below is a list of the instruments to be recorded and their respective performers.

  • Guitars – James Utting.
  • Drums/percussion – James Utting.
  • Bass – James Rogers.
  • Flute – Claire Rowley.
  • Vocals – Rowan Marshall
  • Production/recording – James Utting (assisted by Sul Bateman, Matt Hollis & James Rogers).

(d) Scheduling and timescale:

Below is a estimated timescale of recording. This includes time allocated for set-up the studio and packing up mics, leads etc. after the recording session. (As mentioned, this is an ‘estimation’ as it all depends on booking studio time-slots, instrument locating and personnel functionality/reliabilty).

• Session 1/Week 7 – 5/11/10. Drum/percussion track recording session. Drums performed by James U. Recording by James U (assisted. Sul, Matt & James R).
(SET-UP. 30 mins, RECORDING. 1hr , PACK-UP. 20 mins)

• Session 2/Week 8 – 12/11/10. Guitar/Bass track recording session. Performed by James U/James R. Recording by James U (assisted. Sul, Matt & James R).
(SET-UP. 30 mins, RECORDING. 1 hr, PACK-UP. 20 mins)

• Session 3/Week 9 – 21/11/10. Flute/Vocal track recording session. Performed by Rowan M & Claire R. Recording by James U (assisted. Sul, Matt & James R).
(SET-UP. 20 mins, RECORDING. 1 hr, PACK-UP. 10 mins)

  • Overall SET-UP time: 1 hr 20 minutes.
  • Overall RECORDING time: 3 hrs.
  • Overall PACK-UP time: 50 mins.

Time taken to finish the recording process over a period of 3 weeks with 1 session per week = 6 hrs 10 minutes. This timescale does not include time allocated for arrangement & mixing process. All sessions dedicated to the addition of inserts and/or plugins within the project are to be undertaken during unscheduled time-slots (depending on vacancy of recording studio and/or availability of external production rooms).


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