SP2. Flute and Vocal Recording.

Flute recording.

Mics Used:

  • 1x SM57 Unidirectional mic.
  • 2x AKG 414’s.

In order to fulfill this section of the criteria for the second studio project, I needed to record an orchestral instrument, of which I chose the flute. To record the flute (played by Claire Rowley) I set up two AKG 414’s using the A/B micing technique facing towards the signal source i.e. the mouth piece on the instrument, as well as a SM57 mic positioned above the performer, about two feet away pointing towards the same signal source. Below is a photo of the mic set up used to record the flute instrument.

Once this was set up, I then patched the mics through to the control room via the wall-box in the chill room and brought them in on three separate mono audio tracks. Two of these were used for the A/B mic technique, which were then panned hard left and hard right, and the final track was used to record the sound picked up by the SM 57. Below are screen shots of the channels used to record the flute on in the Pro Tools mixing window, the recorded flute audio in the arrange window and a preview of the dry flute recording .


Vocal Recording.

Mics Used:

  • 2x AKG 414’s.

This was one of the simpler tracks to record. The vocals (sung by Rowan Marshall) are choral ooohh’s and aaahh’s following the same melody as the vocals taken from the title music of the computer game Halo (2003). This was done because this particular vocal sample was used in the original track which I am re-recording. The vocals were recorded using the X/Y micing technique as shown in the picture below.

Once the mics were set up and patched through to the control room, I could then begin recording on to two separate mono audio tracks panned hard left and right, as shown in this screen shot of the vocal tracks in the Pro Tools mixing window.

Just to get the idea, I have uploaded the sample that was used in the track that I am re-recording. (Sample from O’Donnell, M & M, Salvatori. (2003) Halo: Original Soundtrack).


~ by J.E.R.U. on December 3, 2010.

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