Composers for Digital Media.

I have decided that my first post for Music For digital Media should demonstrate the film score composers I am interested in and in particular, some of the works they have written.

Hans Zimmer- Gladiator, Pirates of the Carribean , Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (with James Newton Howard).

Below is a video of a piece entitled ‘And Now We Are Freefrom the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer(b.1957) and Lisa Gerrard(b.1961) for the 2000 film Gladiator (directed by Scott.R.1937). The lyrics sung by Lisa Gerrard are not actually sung in any language but are syllables and vocal phrases used purely for their harmonic effect in correlation to the backing music, performed by the Lyndhurst Orchestra.

John Murphy- ‘Sunshine’, ’28 Days Later’, ’28 Weeks Later’, ‘Kick Ass’, ‘Snatch’ etc.

Murphy (b.1965) is another comnposer who has written works for film and who’s music I am a particular fan of. Although his filmography is not nearly so extensive as Zimmer’s, Murphy’s composing style, particularly in works for films such as 28 Days Later(2002. Dir. Boyle.D) and Sunshine(2007 by the same director), of making long, building crescendos create ominous feelings of pent-up suspense which I find incredibly appealing!

I have posted below a video of part of the sound track from the film Sunshine called ‘Kanada’s Death Pt.2. Adagio in D-Minor‘ which was also used in an action sequence from the film Kick Ass(2010) directed by Mathew Vaughn.

Tyler Bates- 300, Watchmen, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Sucker Punch, Doomsday.

Tyler Bates is a young film score composer who’s apocolyptic soundtracks are featured on many blockbuster films (examples above). His work for the film 300(2007. Dir.Zack Snyder[1966]) was heavily influenced by music such as The Gladiator soundtrack, and adopts similar wailing vocal techniques sung with no real lyrics in any discernable language. Belew is a track called ‘Message for the Queen’ taken from the soundtrack to 300.

Tyler Bates was actually caught up in a supposed “Plagiarism” scandal for apparently “ripping off” the music composed for the film Titus(2000. Dir. Julie Taymor[b.1952]) by Elliot Goldenthal(b.1954). Bates’ website can be found via the link below:

Finally below are just a few other composers and their related for general interest. A recent and more personal favourite of mine being Ludovico Einaudi(b.1955) who’s passive, melencholic minor chord progressions and minimalist piano works have been featured more in Italian cinematography, although can be heard in the Brit film This Is England(2006) directed by Shane Meadows(b.1972) with tracks such as ‘Ritornare’ (shown below) being used to contrast with violent on-screen imagery.

Ludovico Einaudi - Ritornare by hellosasha

Just a few other films and their respective composers to research:

-The Lord of the rings – Howard Shore

-The Fountain – Clint Mansell

-The Mission – Ennio Morricone

-The Last Of The Mohicans – Trevor Jones


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