Task 1. Theme and Variation.

Theme and its variations.

(note. timed comments on soundcloud player at points of variation. Includes information on changes made in each variation).

Report for Task 1: Theme And Variation.

The objective for creating the score for task 1 was to create a simple theme with around 5 variations for a given sequence. The octave transitions of the melody in the theme were influenced by the minor key transitions heard in Dietro Casa (2007), between 0:56” and 1:02”, and throughout the piece Ritornare (2007) by composer Ludovico Einaudi. An audio-sequencing technique that was applied in this task that I have not used before was the use of the ‘Direction Mixer’ plug-in in Logic Pro using the MS algorithm. This was used to create the Mid-Side miking effect and was used to create a slightly different stereo feel. A musical technique I have learned through this task was the use of modulating through different keys, for example between the keys of G and C. I also learned the discipline of composing music quickly and to a brief or outlined objective. This is different to composing for personal benefit, a subject touched upon by Einaudi when he says ‘…composing for yourself, you have to define yourself the idea and its limits that sometimes is even more difficult than writing the music’ (Einaudi. 2007). This task, in my view, is an example of practice as research because it encouraged me to listen to examples of the repertoire and then research these techniques by practicing them by composing my own piece. For this first task, I would give myself a mark of around 50-60%, because I feel I have demonstrated a good knowledge base and understanding of the objective and my piece shows evidence of this by exploring the practice and disciplines behind composing theme and variations. .

word count: 250

Piece composed from Task 1.

Below is a more orchestral version using adapted versions of my theme and variations. Movements and the introduction of added instrumentation, particular the use of rhythmic glockenspiel and pizzicato strings, were influenced heavily by similar rhythmic variations found in Danny Elfman’s Batman.


  • Ludovico, E. (2007) Dietro Casa on This Is England: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD). UK: Universal Music.
  • Ludovico, E. (2007) Ritornaire on This Is England: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD). UK: Universal Music.

Web references.


~ by J.E.R.U. on February 6, 2011.

One Response to “Task 1. Theme and Variation.”

  1. James, nice orchestral colours but what I asked for was just the melody so we could assess it bare ! like from a piano. Also your text should not exceed 250 words. In your piece I have difficulty parsing out the main theme on first hearing. The theme has to be very plane and clearly differentiated…

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