Major Task. Track 2 – Elektronische Musik Piece.

Below is my Elektonishce Musik Piece which is the second of the two contrasting tracks put towards the final task for Electroacoustic Composition.


~ by J.E.R.U. on April 15, 2011.

One Response to “Major Task. Track 2 – Elektronische Musik Piece.”

  1. I’m torn on how to advise you to procede. Under the limitations you have given yourself, this is quite good. However, I’m not sure about the limitations. It’s interesting that you want to limit yourself to just these old-fashioned sounds – limitation is an important element of composition – but I think you should try to discover something new instead of just going over old ground. You can do things with those sounds that 50’s guys couldn’t, for instance having a lot more tracks at a time, or making subtle adjustments to pitch or overtone.

    This does sound quite good, it’s not clear from the work why it needs to be monophonic, etc. It might be interesting to subtly introduce more modern elements as the piece goes on.

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